Invite-only exclusive community

of expert engineers

Perfeth community engineers get access to members only benefits, trust in the community, leadership and skill improvement via exclusive network, publishing content with editors and strict vetted selection process. Not only that, they are prioritized by our recruitment concierge for all the major job opportunities at Perfeth. 

Why should you join the community?

Three top reasons to join our invite only engineering community. Simply put, we enable you to grow as a professional and not just as a potential candidate.

Feeds, Articles & Expert Opinions

Perfeth community is brimming with feeds / questions from other members as well as expert opinions on various engineering topics.

Video Interviews & Social Media

With our key initiatives such as "She Codes" and "Engg.First", we enable our members to share their learnings with wider community.

Priority Perfeth Concierge

Every Perfeth member is able to access our top priority jobs visible on the community as well as Perfeth One.

Apply now for membership!

to qualify to be a perfeth member, you should

- get >80% in a 5 minutes quiz

- have established credentials

- qualify our screening interview

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