Tech Stack for 2020?

This article is written by one of our community members Himani Khanna who is a seasoned IT professional with leadership experience in QA / Automation domain for e-commerce.

Without any doubt – Python has to lead it right? All the techies already jumping off their seats as most of the organizations look forward to hiring Python developers and experts to develop products, service support and applications for AI / ML enabled tech, conversational chat platforms, user apps, websites and beyond. Along with this, the next in the queue is a Full Stack Development know-how backed by iOS / Android app development which in this case Flutter does a great job in creating native apps. In Fullstack, HTML5, CSS, PostgreSQL, Angular and Backbone backed by Ruby on Rails, PHP is already dominating the tech community. Now, these are the tech stack already running in 2019 and paving for the new products coming out in 2020. But there is more to it. 

In 2020, some interesting new programming languages and frameworks will start taking up the mainstream (as per some of the tech experts) and one of them is Rust, which is a language focussed on providing memory safety while being very productive for the programmers. Rust is a fast and memory-efficient language and already hundreds of companies have started experimenting using Rust such as Dropbox, yelp, Cloudfare, Firefox, etc. 

In addition to this Progressive Web App will become the topic of coffee table discussions for the tech community. PWA is a web app that uses modern web capabilities and yet delivers an app-like experience. PWA is a sort of app that can be created using your existing Full Stack structure that includes HTML, CSS, JS as well as using a backend tech say PHP. 

So, in case you are a newbie looking to learn something new to start with, we highly recommend to start with Python or Rust and move on to develop know-how in PWA’s using your existing full-stack knowledge or may get yourself enrolled in a Full-stack dev course with a focus on PWA.


  1. saurav verma

    I would suggest Python or Golang for beginners. For seasoned developers, Rust is indeed the best option.

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