She Codes talks to a multi-talent engineer, Ms. Aanchal Sharma

In <She codes> EP2, we had Aanchal Sharma on our channel to talk about her journey and herself.

<She Codes> is a Vblog series of Perfeth wherein we aim to bring out the voice of super talented female techies. Not only it is a fun to interact with the energetic vigorous techies, but its insightful too. Every journey is interesting and there are personal take-aways which we share here for the bigger audiences.

Aanchal is an enthusiastic engineer who doesn’t shy away from trying hands on new responsibilities and tasks. Her ability to amalgamate the different skills and learnings is remarkable.

Aanchal works as a Software Engineer in RelianceJio. She started her journey in Jio in a team of fresh graduates, explored Android development and eventually landed into Backend engineering. Hence had the best of both worlds as in client & server. She worked on various components of different products like MyJio, HelloJio which is a telecom voice assistant, jio chat,etc. Working on this voice assistant helped her to understand machine learning and the power of Artificial intelligence. She reckons working on diverse technologies like Android, springboot, developing scalable services, etc. as a great experience for her.

Her heart goes out for building technology to ease life of masses. She has developed Actions on Google, participated in hackathons and recently developed a covid report tracker which was deployed on AWS and saw 1 lakh hits in a week after it was launch. Aanchal is fond of writing which she picked up from diary writing in her childhood. Slowly this fun habit spearheaded into poem and blog writing, even published a technical e-book. She believes that penning down thoughts brings more clarity to thoughts and enhances the horizon of views.

“ I believe that writing does not demand proficiency but the mere acts makes one efficient and everyone should inculcate the habit of writing to clean the clutter out of one’s mind. Myself made hashtag of writing ie. #Aanchalogy is something which I boast proudly as it encourages me to write more.”

For Aanchal, writing empowers her to go stronger and  she says:

Aanchal likes to conduct talks at colleges, building communities for knowledge sharing which resonates with the saying that knowledge makes one stronger and confident. She calls for women engineers for grabbing opportunities that come their way and never to doubt their capabilities.

She further states “ never consider yourself less than anyone. Hard work pays off well. Women are as good as men in tech or sometimes better too. So just give your 100%. “

She would describe the world of technology through following words:

New technologies will keep on joining the race, We need to upskill ourselves in order to help us ace.” #Aanchalogy

Watch her full interview here


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