She codes interviews a result-oriented iOS engineer – Ms. Dalee Davis

In our episode # 3, we interview Ms Dalee Davis about her journey, her tech-thoughts, pro-tips for students and not to miss her journey as a woman engineer – how east or complicated!

Ms. Dalee Davis is highly motivated and result-oriented, one who loves taking up challenges. Confidence is one of her strides. She takes pride in keeping herself well-read always. she likes to lead a healthy lifestyle and always tries to stay fit and sound.

She is also a blogger and loves to write about, tech, fitness, food, travel, life. Currently an iOS Engineer and in her journey to become a full stack developer.

Lets take a look at her interview:

<She Codes>: How has been your journey as an engineer so far? What makes you different?


  • Following clean code architecture is most important. there’s a very nice book named “clean code” written by robert c. martin on the same.
  • Setting up a coding guideline and adhering to it
  • writing unit test cases, reducing cyclomatic complexity of functions for creating better testable methods. products developed by following testcase practise are lesser prone to bugs.
  • Being proud and taking ownership of what you have checked into the codebase, even after few months if one of your colleagues or you are fixing a bug or modifying the said code, working with that code is hassle free and is more readable and understandable with or without your help, which points to writing clean code!

<She Codes>: how important learning is at any stage of career? How it has been for you?

Dalee: IT industry is very dynamic and agile, if you don’t keep up with evolving changes, you will be obsolete very soon.

I started my career with Actionscript, post few months moved onto objective-c, learnt selenium for UI Automation, learnt Javascript for working with Reactnative, and website development, upgraded myself to swift, learnt bit of java and Kotlin for android development and now i have a working knowledge in python and practising it to build APIs.

Learning is very important at any stage of your carrer, you should always develop main skills, branch out and learn other skills

<She codes>: How has been your journey as a woman engineer? Has there been any gender biasness? Your message to women out there?

Dalee: I won’t deny the fact that i haven’t faced gender biasness, I absolutely have faced it at various stages of my life. since our environment is such, these things go unnoticed at times.

I am blessed with a great family that supports my every decision. my dad always tells me, when you are confronted with a problem there are two things you can do, complain about it and second is assess your options and start working towards solving it.

My message to all women engineers out there is when someone tells you, you can’t, go ahead and prove them wrong!

<She codes>: Any quick pro tips when you start your journey as an engineer?

Dalee: Well, what we learn as part of our college curriculum and what we practise at work are quite different and at times it comes as a shock, so its important to always get a first-hand experience in working at corporate.

  • Internship is one way forward in gaining that corporate insight.
  • Learning about bigger picture: when you start developing a product or a service, always try to understand the bigger picture of the product that you are contributing to, always quiz yourself with these questions how will it impact end users? how will this help in achieving organization goals? Once we figure these out, we will be at a better position to understand end to end workable module and in turn this will help deliver a great product.

Lastly, i want to say that opportunities and problems are two faces of one coin, it all depends on how you want to perceive it.

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