Rise of gig-economy in “tech world”

Signifying and also often mistaken for ‘side-hustling’, which yielded insignificant incomes earlier, the tech jobs in the current era are changing the outlook for gig economy. A gig-economy is based on temporary and flexible jobs with companies hiring independent contractors and freelancers connected with concerned persons through an online platform, instead of full time employees. Such operations are beneficial as it makes the work more adaptable to the needs of the moment and imparts improved flexibility for a better work life balance.

In the scenario of acute dearth of jobs, Gig economy is posting a rapid growth, with the internet connecting the concerned persons globally. In lieu of fixed jobs, there is regular work with tech savvies providing services for long hours. As the work is for a temporary position, many are not assured of the stable career ahead. Though the uncertainties loom but the gigs are on boom definitely.


Nowadays it’s getting common to work remotely which facilitates the independent contractual work. With estimates of around 1/3rd population in USA in gig capacity, the figures are thriving in Indian context as well.

As per the ‘FlexJobs’, maximum number and the highest paying jobs are from the IT sector. Professionals and the tech savvies are having a plethora of lucrative freelance options from varied tech segments. The most prominent disciplines with the aforementioned attributes are:

  • Artificial Intelligence:

The fastest growing industry and the most lucrative job creator is the Deep Learning Segment. Artificial Intelligence is simulating the human intelligence in programs and machines to think like and imitate the actions of human brain in learning through past actions. This helps in making the optimized decisions by machines, without human interventions.

There are currently more than 8000 related jobs on LinkedIn with an extensive list of remote opportunities at FlexJobs. There is no shortage of opportunities with an average pay of 115$ per hours, requiring deep knowledge of C++ and Java.

  • Robotics:

Envisaging, designing and modeling the robotic mechanism with the concepts of mechanical and electronics engineering are in the greatest demand ever because of the ‘Industry4.0’ era. Being required in all the fields now, there is an amazing world of opportunities in this discipline. On an average, the professional gets around 78$ per hour.

  • Block chain Architecture:

Earlier the data used to be shared on third party servers but now Blockchain design allows users to connect using peer-to-peer system, directly. Higher security because of no intervention makes it desirable for banking and crypto-currency transactions.  With a strong background in programming and experience in setting up crypto-currency payment for businesses, the professionals are making a handsome amount of 88$ per hour for the efforts.

  • Lambda Coding:

The trigger based code execution, developed by Amazon’s web service, allows minimizing the server space by running the code only when a pre-set triggered even existed. With proficiency is Node.js, C#, Python and Java, the developers are making 51$ per hour on average.

  • Ethical Hacking:

Spotting vulnerabilities in the online system and securing the system through reviewing the installation process, safeguarding encryptions, strengthening firewalls etc. are the tasks for which the professionals are paid an average amount of 67$ per hour. Security professionals and certified ethical hackers prove to be the best for the task and Upwork and FlexJobs are inundated with relevant opportunities.

  • Instagram Marketing:

Virtual Reality, ReactJS developing, Final Cut Pro editor along with the aforementioned jobs requires a specialized and intensive training of the field. But marketing of the products and services on Instagram as an influencer can provide you an average income of 32$ per hour with little professional training. Influencer Bay and Tribe are a great platform to pursue the gigs in the field.

With a host of opportunities from diverse segments, it’s clear that freelancing is not limited to side gigs. It is prudential to leverage the transforming landscape through tech skills and pursue a career with better flexibility and work-life balance. With better experience one can explore several other possibilities of better income through lesser efforts.

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