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We engage with the best Product Managers with a perfect blend of experience and exposure in Business, Technology and user experience. 

An effective product manager is like a mini-CEO for an organization handling the mini-organization known as
"The Product"

Preliminary Assessment of Product Managers

Product Manager is like a mini-CEO for a company. Someone who has a 360 deg overview of the entire product lifecycle as well as different spokes of the wheel of the product journey. Our cofounder / council team comprises of ex-Product Managers, Innovation Experts, as well as CTOs, who have gone through an entire product development journey from Zero to One to sustainability.   We tap into this exposure and expertise into defining the engagement protocols for a Product Manager hiring. Our evaluation is essentially reliant on the below 3 pillars quintessential for an effective Product Manager. 


Product Lifecycle Management Experience


Leadership, Stakeholder Alignment & Project Management


Domain specific Technical Skills & User Experience Design 

How do we work?

Any association with Perfeth is a well structure 8-step engagement process starting from the engagement call and leading to the candidate being placed in your firm as well as a complete project closure post a quarterly review. See below steps for more details. 


Client Engagement Contract (NDAs + MSAs)

Starting from the confidentiality agreement to a service level agreement, we ensure the proper documentation before the beginning. 

Scope of work (SOW) definition

We define the scope of work for every recruiting assignment we undertake, where we define the critical SLA's , milestones, estimated delivery times as well as allocated resources. 

Project Kickstart and Search Definition

Our internal teams work on the search definitions basis the JDs / role expectations from the client. At this stage, we also work with client to help them define an optimal JD for the particular role under considerations. Some of our clients even use our recommended JD Templates as well. 

Candidate Presentation and Interview Planning (ATS conformation)

We ensure not to waste your time by presenting you only with the right fitment vs your expectations. At this stage, we ensure to present a candidate with an exhaustive candidate report . We also conform to the ATS standards you use. 

Final Offer & Negotiations

Perfeth delivery experts also support clients during the stage of final offer preparation as well as the negotiation process with the candidates. With our extensive experience on salary mapping across various levels, our team is able to provide you with the right strategies to prepare a final offer and undertake the offer transaction in a frictionless manner.

Candidate Engagement during notice period

We understand that one of the major problem in the recruitment industry is the fallout of candidates post final offer receipt. We ensure to regularly engage with all our candidates during the notice-period through our community led activities as well as interim client-candidate sessions. 

First Day of Joining

This is an important day for not only the client as well as candidate but also for the Perfeth Delivery Manager. We ensure right communication, alignment as well as even facilitate the onboarding of a candidate if requested by the client. 

Quarterly review and closure

All Perfeth's assignment are backed by a 3-month replacement clause and we ensure we cover this during our quarterly review with the client. This is the stage when the project is actually closed. 

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