Hire the best Developers !

We engage with the best developers through

our community and beyond. Our understanding

and expertise of various tech stacks enables us

to assess the client's requirement and deliver at a lightning speed.

Leveraging an expert Developer-focussed network

Frontend Developers

We have >250 frontend developers roles for multiple tech stacks like JS, Angular, React, HTML5, CSS, VueJs, Gatsby, as well as flutter with 5-6 yrs average years experience. We have experience in handling projects for both mobile + web frontend developer sourcing projects. 

Full Stack Developers

Along with our community experts, our network extends to >300 fullstack developers. These are expert developers with exposure in server-side programming language (Java,Python, .NET, Ruby), as well as DBMS such as MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc

iOS / Android Developers

There are many organizations that are still using the native tech stacks for Android and iOS (e.g Java, Kotlin, Swift etc). Perfeth has >150 experts in native development, specialising in either Android /iOS or even both. 

Backend Developers

We have >200 backend developers specialising in backend languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, NodeJS, JS along with understanding of REST APIs, knowledge of web frameworks such as HTML5, CSS3, JS. , and cloud management using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, AliCloud, Wasabi etc.

Blockchain Developer

With the recent blockchain revolution and the world of smart-contracts becoming the new reality, we have onboarded many experts in blockchain tech stack such as Go Lang, Hyperledger, Solidarity etc. Also, one of our company's advisor and mentor is a leading global authority in blockchain technologies.

Sr. Software Engg / Tech Lead

This is a very subjective role depending on the client's organization. However, we have a network of >100 Sr. Software Engineer profiles with background in Computer Science and relevant exposure in development, documentation, architecture, network management, PMP/SCRUM, as well as systems analysis. 

Game Developers

With the advent of digitisation and emergence of web and mobile platforms, the gaming industry requires game developers with a platform relevant tech stack expertise. Perfeth has >100 Game Developers with expertise in technologies such as C#, Unity, Unreal Script, HTML5, Phaser, Godot, PixiJS etc. 

AI/ML Developers

In this radically changing world, AI/ML is becoming a relevant tech stack for all futuristic organization. Perfeth started in 2018 with a domain focus on only AI/ML hiring for few clients. We have since then developed a network of >100 AI/ML experts in tech stacks such as Python, TensorFlow, R, MATLAB, Lisp, Haskell etc.

How do we work?

Any association with Perfeth is a well structure 8-step engagement process starting from the engagement call and leading to the candidate being placed in your firm as well as a complete project closure post a quarterly review. See below steps for more details. 

Client Engagement Contract (NDAs and MSAs)

Starting from the confidentiality agreement to a service level agreement, we ensure the proper documentation before the beginning.

Scope of work (SOW) definition

We define the scope of work for every recruiting assignment we undertake, where we define the critical SLA's , milestones, estimated delivery times as well as allocated resources. 

Project Kickstart and Search Definition

Our internal teams work on the search definitions basis the JDs / role expectations from the client. At this stage, we also work with client to help them define an optimal JD .

Candidate Presentation and Interview Planning 

We ensure not to waste your time by presenting you only with the right fitment vs your expectations. At this stage, we ensure to present a candidate with an exhaustive candidate report . We also conform to the ATS standards you use. 

Final Offer & Negotiations
(CTC Targets)

Perfeth delivery experts also support clients during the stage of final offer preparation as well as the negotiation process with the candidates. With our extensive experience on salary mapping across various levels, our team is able to provide you with the right strategies to prepare a final offer and undertake the offer transaction in a frictionless manner.

Candidate Engagement during notice period

We understand that one of the major problem in the recruitment industry is the fallout of candidates post final offer receipt. We ensure to regularly engage with all our candidates during the notice-period through our community led activities as well as interim client-candidate sessions. 

First day of joining

This is an important day for not only the client as well as candidate but also for the Perfeth Delivery Manager. We ensure right communication, alignment as well as even facilitate the onboarding of a candidate if requested by the client. 

Quarterly review and closure

All Perfeth's assignment are backed by a 3-month replacement clause and we ensure we cover this during our quarterly review with the client. This is the stage when the project is actually closed. 

We are hiring ! Contact us if interested. 

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