Combating Covid-19 Outbreak in India

This article is written by a Perfeth Member – Ashutosh Dubey, a senior product manager with LinkedIn USA with the zest for technology and entrepreneurship.

In this blog , Ashutosh shares his opinion on what India should do to combat Covid-19 outbreak.

Being termed as a pandemic by the WHO recently, the rapid and extensive spread of Covid-19 disease because of the Corona virus is the most intimidating concern for the whole world at present. Claiming more than 23,000 lives out of 510,000 confirmed cases, it has affected around 175 nations. Though the Indian scenario is not as saddening as the Southern Europe (being the epicenter of the crisis) but still 16 casualties have been reported out of 696 confirmed cases.

The outbreak has overwhelmed the global authorities, and all are continuing efforts to contain the pandemic at their respective levels. With the Indian government leaving no stone unturned to deal with situation, there are certain glitches that must be grappled to control the global gauntlet. The three major issues in our Indian context are :

1. Incapability to test large number of peoples:

With the limited number of diagnostic centers, it is not possible to test all the persons and only the one with symptoms are being diagnosed. Furthermore the test is time-consuming as well.

It’s up to the government only to deal with the situation in the most optimum way by expanding the concerned facilities.   

2. Lack of Awareness:

There have been a lot of disinformation and misinformation in the past few couples of weeks, regarding the virus transmission. Following these three basic precautions, can considerably stop the spread-

Washing the hands: The virus being capable of surviving on surfaces like table tops, handles and knobs can transfer to our hands. Though alcohol based sanitizers were found to be effective, they don’t remove the dirt and oil which facilitate the microbial growth later. Moreover as they are not available now, washing the hands frequently with soaps is an effective solution to the problem.

Avoid touching face: Face, eyes and nose are the main routes through which virus enters the human body. If the virus has reached the palms then touching the face will lead to the infection.

Social Distancing: It has been suggested to maintain a distance of 6ft from others and specially strangers to prevent the virus transmission. The micro droplets containing the virus then will not be able to infect others because of the distance.

To create awareness among masses, these points must be shared by the celebrities and government must also make some provision to rope in the influential personalities for the same.

Lack of health care facilities: 

Though the medical professionals are working as hard as they can but scaling up the facilities in urgent need of the hour. For this-

            a. The whole healthcare staff must be trained for countering the corona outbreak along with other doctors of different specialties as well. This step has been successfully implemented by Italy.

            b. Lack of protected instrument: Masks and sanitizers are not adequate to meet the current requirement. Many health care professionals have suffered and some are not coming to the facility amidst of the fear of falling ill. This double whammy is more detrimental as there will more patients and less medical staff.

Government must scale up the production and general peoples can also help in creating the masks with collaborative efforts.

            c. Additional isolation wards:

To let the hospital beds for the critical patients, many countries have created different isolation wards for less critical and suspicious patients. To control the situation lockdowns and curfews are imposed for smooth functioning of healthcare systems as this lowers the mortality rate. If larger number of peoples will be entering the facility then transmission rate will increase many times. This urges to create other isolation wards along with the nationwide lockdowns.

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