The concept where several workers from different companies share office space and work together or simultaneously is called a coworking space.  It is a cost-effective method that allows the usage of shared infrastructure, utilities/equipment in offices, receptionist/custodial services, and various other services. The owner of the office creates a working environment and provides all the facilities required for working. Small enterprises use this opportunity to render extra advantages and facilities to their employees, which otherwise they couldn’t afford. Along with with shared workspace, employees have 24/7 access to the building, conference/board rooms which can be reserved or rented, wireless network technologies, copier, fax and xerox machines, shared bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and many other services.


Coworking is one of the trending methods of working in an office. It is a cost-effective method and helps to face challenges and issues which arise in the modern workplace. It’s is increasing at a high rate among youngsters and people who know that modern solutions are required to overcome modern problems. These workplaces are relatively available at a lower price as compared to standard office rents. It provides a good deal from property owners and can accommodate many people. These workplaces offer flexible working hours and membership. One can also pay according to the services and facilities they use. Generally, people subscribe on an annual basis but, nowadays there are certain places which offer daily passes.

A start-up or a team, usually have few people and, the number keeps on fluctuating according to the company requirements.  Reorganizing your office area from time to time can be a time consuming and annoying. In coworking spaces, whether you have a team of 20 or 100, the providers make reasonable design and customize the area according to your needs so that you can work efficiently. Setting up furniture and administrative services can be a problem when moving into a new office. Coworking spaces resolve this problem too. They take care of these and offer snacks and mail services as well. People can start working without any inconvenience. In these spaces, people work for long hours and share ideas all the time. Working alongside freelancers and start-ups is a boon. People are always available to answer your questions and are ready to advise in the time of need.

With India observing a massive growth in the number of coworking spaces rented, here is a list of top ten coworking space providers in India.

WeWork: WeWork with its presence in 115 cities, including Gurugram, Bangalore, and Mumbai. It was set-up in the year 2020 with its headquarters in New York.  This coworking space renders all the facilities required to carry out your business activities. It provides business-class printers, private phone booths, 24/7 building access, mail and package handling, internet, and quality IT support. WeWork is soon going to open spaces in Hyderabad, Pune, and Noida. It has 26 operational coworking centers with 46,000 seating capacity.  “We are targeting to reach 1,00,000 desks/seats by the end of the next year. To fund this expansion plan, we plan to raise USD 200 million by the end of this year from foreign and domestic investors,” WeWork India CEO Karan Virwani told PTI in an interview. This flexible workspace provider conducts networking events to help expand your professional circle and wellness events to strike that perfect work-life balance.

Bombay Connect: It is India’s first coworking space provider and is now known as Red Brick offices. It is well furnished with Wireless internet access, air conditioner, LCD/projector, IT, Cafe/lounge, and many other facilities. This coworking firm has its presence across the cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune and has clients from reputed companies like Wipro, Marico, Airtel, Tata Consultancy Services. Red Brick serves as an ideal destination to conduct interactive sessions, workshops, and events. It has a wall partition to separate the job seekers and job providers. Bombay connect provides you a library to satisfy the reader in you and a kitchen for food lovers to cook and eat. They have 13 professional coworking and serviced office spaces, for teams of all sizes. Cultivating a strong sense of fellowship among its members is of the essence to Bombay Connect. It hosts regular networking events such as music shows, pottery-making, cooking courses, and movie screenings. Events are open to both members and non-members to introduce non-members to coworking space culture and encourage new and different perspectives.

GoWork: Employees these days prefer to work, live, and play at the same time. Situated in Gurugram, GoWork came up with the concept of organizing workshops, hackathons, and pitching sessions for its start-up clients. Sudeep Singh, Chief Evangelist and CEO, GoWork, says, “We strive to make GoWork a collaborative space for millennials with varied attitudes and ever-changing lifestyle needs. We cater to these needs with innovative offerings like gyms, spas, fun zones, cafes, bars, vegan food, herbal waters, nutritionist support, sleeping pods, and crèche facility.” The art of living sessions, bring your pet to workdays, and reading sessions are conducted to engage the companion societies. To keep the members light-headed, it organizes events like beer-pong, stand-up comedy sessions, and group vacations. These social events allow people to bond with each other and establishes harmony.

Innov8: It is a coworking space provider expanding across the regions of Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Noida, and Haryana. High-speed wireless internet, ergonomic and modern furniture, recreational and breakout zones, cafeteria and lunchroom, community and networking events, excellent power backup are the key highlights of this coworking space. The rooftop garden is a major attraction here. It understands the employer and employee needs and supports them by providing the right logistics, knowledge/advice, and are located in central locations. Dr. Ritesh Malik, Co-founder, Innov8, says, “We believe that more than office spaces, what companies need in the community, mentorship and access to networks or ecosystem. We help them build networks by creating a fertile ground of idea pollination and thought leadership.”

91Springboard: This coworking space was born in the year 2013 in Delhi. Starting as a small space in Mohan Estate, New Delhi, it is now present in the cities of Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Noida, and Pune. Wireless internet, LAN cable internet, projectors in office, and conference rooms, CCTV cameras, medical service, locker facility, and many more facilities are key highlights of this working space. It is the oldest coworking space, in Delhi NCR. 91Springboard customizes the working area according to their needs and preferences. It is accessible 24/7 with tight security. They organize different workshops to address the various needs of budding entrepreneurs.  These workshops are conducted to help the employees become better in their roles. 

Regus: Regus is the world’s largest coworking space provider. It is a multinational corporation providing serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and video teleconference services. Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1989, IWG is headquartered in Switzerland, and incorporated in Jersey. The flexible infrastructure claims to suit all kinds of business with any budget. It has innovative ideas to use office space, be it a personal office desk, or a shared working environment, Regus can customize its working space very efficiently. It offers its working space from freelancers to start-ups. It allows you to add a desk on your own when your team expands. Regus also has an application to book and manage workspace from wherever you are.

CoWrks: CoWrks has 23+ centers all over India. This workplace looks after the needs of the freelancers, business start-ups, and small- and large-scale enterprises. The team collects data from the use of space during peak and non-peak hours as well as during events. This information is further analyzed to understand how a given space is being used. This allows for the creation of floor plans and designs that are not just cost-effective but provide a higher possibility of revenue generation.  Flexible contract terms, customizable office, tight security is some of the distinctiveness of coWrks. Sidharth Menda, CEO, CoWrks, says, “We handpick our members to suit each other’s needs as more than 30 percent of companies owned by our members are doing business with each other. All our members are interconnected across centers via the CoWrks Connect app, which becomes a platform for our members to identify those who share their skills and interests, showcase their brand, and engage in networking and knowledge sharing.”

Investopad: Investopad is a stage that mentors budding entrepreneurs. Besides, it also acts like an investor. It invests its money in potential projects and helps people set up their business. The firm has an in-house team of super-intelligent and experienced people to conduct workshops, speaking sessions, seminars, and meetups to guide start-ups, and new projects. These economical and user-friendly spaces are situated in the business hubs of India, like Delhi, Bengaluru, and Gurugram. Audio-Visual interactive space, conference rooms, high-speed fiber optic internet, an expanded variety of start-up library resources including start-up manuals, marketing guides, and skill books are some of the facilities that Investopad has in store for the entrepreneurs and people in the business.

Bangalore Coworking Hub: The office space offers ready to move-in and work sort of atmosphere. It has shared and virtual office space with flexible arrangements for business and start-ups of all sizes. It provides parking space to employees, daily cleaning services, high-speed wireless internet connection, South Indian as well as North Indian meals are available at minimum charges. Inbound and Outbound mail handling is another feature that has proved to be beneficial for start-ups, freelancers, independent workers, consultants, and emerging businesses. These spaces make people confident as they move out of their comfort zone and interact and work with people from different backgrounds and departments. Sometimes they find ready solutions with their fellow mates.

Awfis: It is India’s largest coworking space provider. With a nation-wide network of 55 centers 2500+ spaces in 9 cities and 45 micro-market, its client base generally comprises SMEs and corporates, whereas start-ups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers make up for 20 percent of the client base. The interiors are soothing to the eye. These centers serve 12-hour duty which, is from 8 am to 8 pm. It organizes festivals, music fests, stand-up comedy shows to encourage collaboration among Millennials. This shared space provider has partnered with leading hotels such as The Lemon Trees Hotels, Hyatt, etc. to provide luxurious meeting rooms and business centers for the member community of Awfis.

The author of this article is Megha Bhatt, ex-Google , a marketeer, and Perfeth’s community champion.

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