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She Codes talks to Ms. Prachi Agrawal – Take a look!

Today we inaugurated a new channel – “<She Codes>” a channel for women engineers who are amazing programmers, through which we want to give a voice female techies- their journey and learnings on the way. We begin our series with: Prachi Aggarwal, a computer engineer who graduated from NIT Kurukshetra in 2018 and joined Fidelity Investments as Software Engineer. She…

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Structure it or not : But Innovate please !

Innovation as a buzz word has been around there for decades. In layman words, Innovation is all about a new "idea," "method," or a "product." But there is much to Innovation than the understandable definitions and buzz words. If you look at the significant innovations in the last century, you see that they have drastically changed the way human beings…

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Rise of gig-economy in “tech world”

Signifying and also often mistaken for ‘side-hustling’, which yielded insignificant incomes earlier, the tech jobs in the current era are changing the outlook for gig economy. A gig-economy is based on temporary and flexible jobs with companies hiring independent contractors and freelancers connected with concerned persons through an online platform, instead of full time employees. Such operations are beneficial as…

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Best career for remote work in 2020

Tired of commuting to and from work while missing those great moments of togetherness with loved ones? Instead of jamming all the fun and frolic in weekends are you drooling to combine travel and work, without willing to start your own business? In this globalization era of better connectivity, remote working is now much easier than ever. With the flexible…

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Data Security While Working from Home

The comfort and advantages of working from home are numerous with saving on travel time & costs and more time with family, being the most prominent. The facility was available to some peoples earlier, but now the WFH is being mandated by the firms with government bodies also forcing all to follow it, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Current ‘work…

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