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Who likes spending extended hours at work? As working professionals, no matter how much you try to stick to the 9-5 routine, it’s easier said than done. As most of us ‘workaholics’ and those of us who are not – oh! no, no, we are not at all speaking of those ‘5 minutes said, 15 minutes stretched’ gossip breaks you…

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5 Essential Ticks Before Recruiting High Achievers

From nimble startups to global businesses–one of the most important tasks for a manager is to hire, develop and manage high achievers in their teams. But making a promising achiever stick around for a longer period isn’t always that simple. A national survey on the analysis of attrition revealed that one in every five millennials leave the organization in the…

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She codes interviews a result-oriented iOS engineer – Ms. Dalee Davis

In our episode # 3, we interview Ms Dalee Davis about her journey, her tech-thoughts, pro-tips for students and not to miss her journey as a woman engineer – how east or complicated! Ms. Dalee Davis is highly motivated and result-oriented, one who loves taking up challenges. Confidence is one of her strides. She takes pride in keeping herself well-read…

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She Codes talks to a multi-talent engineer, Ms. Aanchal Sharma

In <She codes> EP2, we had Aanchal Sharma on our channel to talk about her journey and herself. <She Codes> is a Vblog series of Perfeth wherein we aim to bring out the voice of super talented female techies. Not only it is a fun to interact with the energetic vigorous techies, but its insightful too. Every journey is interesting…

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