Best Way to evaluate tech talent


“It is encouraging to see positive hiring intentions and even more to see tech hiring in action” PeopleStrong Co-founder, and CEO Pankaj Bansal said, adding that the increase in hiring intent is not limited to organizations of specific sizes. Still, it is spread across companies of different sectors and sizes. With changing times, futuristic companies will be hiring for tech candidates. With the onset of the digitization era, most of the companies are moving into new-age technologies such as AI/MI, Lean Manufacturing, R&D into innovative products, new age product design, and many more. Most of these firms require to cut through technical talent as they are the backbone of the business, i.e., what they sell.


Any individual who is skilled in a particular technology such as Programming, AI/ML, front end development, Mobile app development, Product design, CAD, Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Scientists, many more is called a tech talent. Various industries, big or small, heavy or light, require tech talent for smooth functioning. Tech talent helps you with programming, App development, up to date website strategies, product enhancement, analytical survey, and efficient working. With demand comes favorable compensation. Though tech positions pay well, job seekers with specific and advanced skills can ask for higher wages. The U.S. may be the global center of the I.T. universe, but India will exceed the U.S. in the number of software developers by 2019. There are about 18.2 million software developers worldwide, a number that is due to rise to 26.4 million by 2019, a 45% increase, says Evans Data Corp. in its latest Global Developer Population and Demographics Study. Today, the U.S. leads the world in software developers, with about 3.6 million. India has about 2.75 million. But by 2018, India had 5.2 million developers, a nearly 90% increase, versus 4.5 million in the U.S., a 25% increase though that period, Evans Data projects.

Highly skilled talent is hard to find, especially in the technology industry. Experienced professionals are now more selective than ever about their employers and won’t settle for just any job offer. A great way to attract talented, passionate people is to support a thriving tech community. There are various workshops, community forums, social events, and hackathons in cities that have a high concentration of tech talent. Most of these tech talents are active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, stack overflow, and many more. However, there are sites such as, monster, (India specific), where you can find active job seekers for a particular talent as well. Providing the right technology, flexible working hours, an attractive career path, tailored compensation package, and meeting expectations can help you choose the best tech candidate for your job.


Looking for tech talent can be difficult, but there are a few ways that can help you find the best person for the job without learning how to code yourself. A majority of executives note that it can be very challenging to find competent I.T. professionals. Because of those challenges, companies are turning to several unique solutions to help them find and better vet potential technical hires. There are six things to be kept in mind while hiring tech talent:

  • Alma Mater: Alma Mater is essential as most of the time, these people learn new things owing to the large group they have in their circle. The state of art education renders them help, which in turn leads them to excellence. It is a very crucial stage because better the college they went to better the skills and knowledge they have. For example, the ones who have been to the top Universities like IIT in India, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial in the U.K., MIT, Stanford, Berkley, Georgia Tech in the U.S., are going to deliver better results.
  • Evaluation of professional experience: With working comes knowledge and expertise. Before hiring a company should evaluate an individual’s professional experience. For an android developer, he/she should have a working experience of 1-2 years. In tech skills related to programming, one should have an experience of 2 years to reach a particular level of expertise. They should be tech-friendly because the software and working methodology keep changing from time to time. More the working experience, the better the results one can give. Hence, companies should always evaluate their working experience along with their skills, interests, and other requirements.
  • Consistency in career: Consistency and stability say a lot about a candidate’s seriousness in his/her career. It is essential to know how committed one to their job. Somebody who has been switching jobs and careers every 3 to 4 months isn’t consistent with his/her career. It proves how efficient and knowledgeable one is. Consistency teaches them endurance, helps them gain knowledge, and keeps them updated with the latest technological advances.
  • Github repository: The tech individuals have a GitHub Repository, which showcases the products and technologies they have been working on. It gives the company an insight regarding the skills and the kind of work they offer. They can judge a candidate better by looking at their performance and make a satisfactory decision.
  • Cultural fit: Every company has a working culture which it expects it’s employees to follow. Discussing their work-life preferences, passion regarding their job, working pattern, are they methodical, if they are structure-focused and work on delivering the best work, is necessary. They should see if he/she is flexible enough to adjust according to their working culture. Hence, a company should state specific parameters and evaluate them accordingly. 
  •  Salary fit: There is adequate data available on LinkedIn (premium package) and other databases where you can find the salary range for a particular job position. After checking his/her current salary, skills he/she has to offer, and your budget, you can make necessary calls to hire them for the spot.  

In the end, it is much of a personal decision. However, having a framework helps. At Teamifo, we take a methodical approach to evaluate any candidate through our in-house framework, and that is one of the reasons we can provide impactful candidates for our clients at short notice. 

The author of this article is Anand Arora, ex-IIT , ex PepsiCo / Unilever, a seasoned R&D / Innovation professional turned entrepreneur. Anand has pioneered innovations in FMCG, Retail and Ed-Tech platform in both India and abroad plus very passionate when it comes to translating an idea into a product plan and a consumer ready product.

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