A silent wave…

Here is a beautiful poem by Perfeth member “Aanchal Sharma” in the time of crisis humanity is facing. Interesting how at such times, we realize and appreciate the beauty of nature around us 🙂

Poems 📝 always mentioned Chirping of birds 🦆,
But we hardly witnessed it in so many years🤔.

The noise of humans, vehicles, pollution took the beauty of nature away 🌲🌴, 
But today they are free to express themselves in the bright and sunny day🌞.

Man feared Artificial Intelligence taking over the control,
High time to understand that more than technology🖥📱, our Mother Nature🌏 has a major role.

Forced to Stay inside the walls of our  home,
We must understand the pain of that animal who was deprived to freely roam.

Dreaded that our ration🍕🥪 will get over, we are piling up stocks,
In the meantime, doctors👨🏻‍🔬 are fighting to prevent us from hitting the rocks🤒

Always blaming the government for their policies and asking them to take action,
This is the time ⏰when PM is requesting and we take sole responsibility for this mission✊🏻.

Globally, countries have clashed on the issues of religion, color, and trade,
It’s time to come together  and do our best to make this global crisis fade ☄

Humans are strong 💪🏻and highly determined,
A virus cannot deter our beautiful mankind👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.

                                                                                                                –  Aanchal Sharma


#stayhome #staysafe
#janatacurfew #gocorona

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