5 Essential Ticks Before Recruiting High Achievers

From nimble startups to global businesses–one of the most important tasks for a manager is to hire, develop and manage high achievers in their teams. But making a promising achiever stick around for a longer period isn’t always that simple.

A national survey on the analysis of attrition revealed that one in every five millennials leave the organization in the first six months. So, how to ensure a low attrition rate in the organization.

While there are no absolute principles the govern individual choices and decision making, these basic guidelines are worth considering while framing an effective team culture!

1. Write effective job description that details possibilities

The job description should clarify the applicants’ role as individuals and as members of a team. It should show what the candidates will be held accountable for and how they can leverage the opportunities and use their abilities to achieve desired objectives.

An attractive job description (JD) also includes information such as–to whom does the position reports, minimum experience and qualifications required, approx. work hours and a salary bracket.

2. It is the candidates’ interview; let them do the talking

You are a sinful interviewer if you talk too much. (Cruel, but true!). Plan the structure of the interview in such a way that allows your candidates a wide space to showcase their skill sets. Prepare your questions in advance and ask more open-ended questions to make an accurate assessment. Read here: Best Interviewing Techniques for Assessing a Candidate.

3. Don’t tell, show your company’s culture

It is always good for potential employees to witness beforehand the culture of your organization. As important as it is to hire high achievers, it’s equally important to create for them an achieving atmosphere. Spend both time and money in documenting the employee’s feedback of your organization and ask your employees to review on social sites–Facebook or LinkedIn, about the company’s culture!

4. The significance of monetary motivation

People will be better motivated if their achievements are incentivized socially, psychologically as well as monetarily. While reviewing pay at regular intervals does play a part in retaining employees, a small-level reward system, such as shopping vouchers or gaming coupons can vitalize the employees’ efforts for short-term projects.

5. Let the high achievers shine bright

People who are driven by the need to achieve are likely to be proactive, to seek opportunities and to insist on recognition. You can develop achievement motivation by ensuring that your bright team members know what they are expected to achieve, giving them the opportunity to achieve and finally recognizing their achievements. After all, employee recognition isn’t just an annual event but a year-round process. Make a positive impact on the minds and lives of your employees and they will themselves become the best PR for you.

And who’d like to leave a terrific organization whose foremost concern is its employees’ growth and development!

Do reach out to us if you want to brainstorm the framing/rejuvenating of your organization’s structure and as always our experts would love to help you out! Write to us about the problems you are facing with hiring and mention your phone number, so we can get back to you at the earliest.

Till then, happy hiring!


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