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Best career for remote work in 2020

Tired of commuting to and from work while missing those great moments of togetherness with loved ones? Instead of jamming all the fun and frolic in weekends are you drooling to combine travel and work, without willing to start your own business? In this globalization era of better connectivity, remote working is now much easier than ever. With the flexible…

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Data Security While Working from Home

The comfort and advantages of working from home are numerous with saving on travel time & costs and more time with family, being the most prominent. The facility was available to some peoples earlier, but now the WFH is being mandated by the firms with government bodies also forcing all to follow it, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Current ‘work…

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5 personality traits that enhance your productivity

This blog is an output of the discussion our members had in the "Opinion Center" of Perfeth Social platform built exclusively for Perfeth's member. With the fierce competition in all businesses, getting the best quality product/service at the stipulated time is very essential for the growth and overall development. Developers must meet the obligations and under heavy work-load, provide their…

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Data Science Talent/Gender Gap

This blog is written by Perfeth's in-house content team Though slowly, but the gender gap in the professional world is tapering with women now making up 48% of the total workforce. The tech industry, with all its claims of being ground-breaking in all facets, is drastically lagging in this aspect. Furthermore, the field of data science has saddening statistics in…

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