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At Perfeth, we ensure the quality of community members by rigorously evaluating their profiles and engaging them through a meaningful relationship that leads to their professional success.

Invite Only

This is an invite only platform for experts and we also accept online applications.

Expert Engineers

Only expert engineers with relevant experience in a particular domain are invited.

Online Platform

All expert members are provided a login access to our online platform.

Meet our Experts

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Mor Sagmon
Managing Director of
Business/ Tech Expert
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Tushar Bhatnagar
AI/IOT Expert
Software Engineer with expertise in AI/ML and cofounder of AIotize
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Lauren Hasson
Software developer at a fintech firm and founder of Develop Her
<a href=
Yogita Kothari
Software developer with global experience in multiple domains.
<a href=
Isha Nema
Software engineer with experience in Python / algorithm / database / agile.
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Zanet Baran
Certified Magento Developer and solution specialist.
Frontend Skill Backend Skill Mobile Skill QA Skill Devops Skill Generalist Skill

How to become a Perfeth Expert?


Click on Apply Now if you are not approached by Perfeth already.


Post the call if approved, you will receive the login info to the platform and get started


Fill up the relevant form with all the details and wait for your profile approval


Please login to the portal and start engaging in community “Expert Opinions”


A Perfeth champion will contact you post your profile approval and schedule a call


Connect with us to get an interview done or please upload your latest Video

Our Platform

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Your profiles are visible to even non-members and adds as your professional signature

Share your expert opinions on the matters of high interest to our engineering community

Video Interviews or user generated monologues to go along with expert profiles

Experts get access to the relevant jobs on our platforms with our clients

The platform provides access to the community connect features e.g. posts, articles etc


She Codes is an initiative by Perfeth to promote women engineers through a video interview format done by Swati Sinha, Perfeth Council lead.

Work with us to build a team

Many companies are working with us to build their engineering teams with our consulting services in HR recruitment through our platform

Refined Job Description

We work with you and start with the refined job description that is apt and attractive for the engineering community. Just send us job title !

Expert Recruiters

Our in-house recruiters are highly trained in engineering recruitment and follow the OTIF (One time in full) philosophy of project delivery.

Faster Delivery

Through our extended network, we are able to close roles very fast for our clients so you can focus on the things that matter most – BUSINESS

Delivery Manager

Our dedicated Delivery Manager works with you in terms of managing the entire project end to end. The DM engages with recruiters and clients for a particular project.

Community & Beyond

Due to outreach of our community and networks of our DM/recruiters, our search is not just limited to Perfeth community for recruitment

Flat Financials

Our financials are flat %age for a role and does not vary even if the role is for a CXO/Sr. Management resource unlike other recruitment firms

Work with us

Contact with us if you have any requirements related to engineering recruitment or team building.
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