Job Applications made productive!

We are an engineering only community, and talent recruitment platform, which focusses relentlessly on finding the best engineers and providing a personalized and productive job application experience. 

Our community is an invite-only platform for top engineers who have been personally vetted by our council members for their technical proficiency, and industry impact.

Introducing Auto by Perfeth

Auto is an AI based recruitment solution for companies, developed by Perfeth. It takes the JD's provided by the clients and covert them into a series of automated steps that leads to discovery and connection with the matched skilled talents. 

Reduced MTTA

Unlike others, AUTO is able to understand and convert the JD into a meaningful algorithm with a click of a button reducing mean time to acknowledge (MTTA)

Discover right talent

The in-built quality check and assessment of the candidates ensure that AUTO is able to discover the right talent and learns with minimal involvement.

Establish 1st connection

Auto is able to automatically establish the first connection with the right candidates just like human-beings, thereby reducing the communication time significantly.

Connected with the One

Auto is connected to Perfeth One and hence enables faster application processing and turn-around time for a particular role. 

Not just a job search, but a personalized career upgradation project for you by Perfeth!

Our job application portal is called Perfeth One.
Every job opportunity can be a Perfeth Task or to-do for you and every job application is associated with a well tracked conversation platform powered by Perfeth Meetings.

Not only that , you can trackthe status of your applications and the comments by the assigned Perfethian on your portal. 

Candidate Requesting a meeting on Perfeth portal

Meeting planned successfully with a Perfeth Rep.

Agenda : Discussion for Frontend role at Starks Industry.

Candidate adding a To-Do for a particular job.

Added in "My Tasks" page on a KANBAN board.

Task Due Date : Automatically set to near the internal closure date with the client (so you dont miss out!)

Candidate checking the status of a job application.

My Application status is "Interview Stage".

Perfeth Comment on the candidature :
"Hi Nathan, your profile is shortlisted for an interview round. We will call you to plan a meeting. Alternatively that can be requested by you in the job application page as well."

Advanced Job Filters

Advanced job filters that suits your job-search goals. Our representatives also periodically email and contact you for the relevant opportunities that matches your profile. 

Quick Apply & Personalized Application Engagement.

Apply quickly with your Perfeth Profile for any job. Track your application status on My Application Page, a place where you get to see the live-status as well as "detailed comments by Perfeth reps".

Tasks & Meetings Organizer

The only job application site which treats every job search and application initiative as a well managed project with To-Dos and Trackable Meetings. Check out My Tasks and My Meetings

Unlike many job search portals, we provide you with more control and access of the data truly relevant for your job search including advanced filters, job deadline date, total applicants etc. 


Advanced Job Search

Advanced job filters with boolean that are suited best for engineers. Now have more control over your job search with Perfeth!

We have >200 active job openings with us at this time with 20+ clients

Boolean search controls

Use "Match All" or "Match Any" operations as OR , AND operations to find the job you are looking for. 

Personal recommendation by perfeth

Once you register with us, our system constantly tracks your profile for any suitable job openings and alerts our internal team, who then approach you either on Perfeth (through your Meetings module) or through a personalized email connect. 

We don't believe in sending bulk-emails to our candidate database but instead connect with them at a personal level.

Live status of your applications

Experiental Job Applications


Once you register and complete your profile with us, you can apply to any job opening with a click of a button providing just the minimum details required for the same. No need to upload your CV everytime you apply for a job, just update your profile and that's it. 


Check the live status of your application on "My Application" tab and watch out for the comments by Perfeth team on the same. 


Tasks & Meetings Organizer

Treat each job application as a project and quick add a task (or To-Do) to plan the application process for the same with the click of a button (really nothing else!).

Also, once you apply for a job, you can plan your meetings with our representative on the "My Meeting" page. Avoid to and fro communication to plan just a call to discuss the candidature. You can also request a meeting for any job application

Perfeth for Companies!

Perfeth specialises in tech recruitment by leveraging the in-house technology and processes to deliver you faster results. We work with the best tech companies all across the globe and help them build their dream technology teams.

10,000+ Engineers

Perfeth has established first-hand connect and nurtured >10,000 engineers since last 2 years through our community / job outreach/ other initiatives like She Codes.

Dedicated Concierge

Perfeth has a dedicated concierge / client manager for every role. Our internal home-brewed ATS is adapted to our processed and faster delivery to the clients. 

Expert Community

Perfeth has an in-house exclusive community of expert engineers for our clients. These are the top engineers, who are pre-vetted by our council.

Client Dashboards (custom)

We also provide custom dashboards for our clients for specific recruitment projects where they can track and plan their hiring under our Project Management tool. 

Flat Pricing

We work on a flat financial for every role , be it a senior leadership or a starting level role. All our CV's are valid for 6 months and a 3 months replacement clause. 

Perfeth Hire (coming soon)

A one stop solution and subscription for our clients to manage their hiring process through an AI-based hiring tool that integrates with your business-flows.


Collaborate with us now !

Since 2019, we have humbly helped build stellar teams for some of the pioneer companies worldwide including large multinationals , 

Y-Combinator companies, as well as , well funded startups. 

Client Testimonials

“ I am writing to recommend the services of Perfeth. Perfeth has been helping for my firm, MyScoot, for the past 4 months for engineering talent scouting. The quality of their candidate pool has helped us in hiring awesome candidates. I feel confident in recommending Perfeth's hiring services. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. ”

Akhil Tripathi

Cofounder & CTO, MyScoot (Y-Combinator firm)

 "Over the past six months, Mzaalo has worked with Perfeth on different senior and junior level searches. Each time they were successful in assisting us to explore the market and secure the right person for Mzaalo. The service, the prompt attention, the consistent follow up and the quality of candidates provided speaks well of their recruiting and screening process. Perfeth has helped us hire the right set of tech talent and i look forward to a continued working relationship"

Joyce Pereirra

HR Exec, Mzaalo (subsidiary of Eros Now)

We are hiring ! Contact us if interested. 

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